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Frontrunner SB+ keeps moisture and debris out of this Alberta airport

Alberta’s Fort McMurray Airport needed a heavy-duty matting solution to trap walked-in snow, dirt, sand and mud from its high-traffic departures terminal entrance.

The problem

In 2023, Alberta’s Fort McMurray International Airport was experiencing issues with their departures terminal entrance’s rotating door carpet: the existing traditional carpet runners were quickly accumulating debris during peak periods.

Snow, salt, sand and mud were being tracked from the airport’s outdoor car parks and sidewalks into the terminal. This debris was then tracked further into the building, creating slip hazards, increasing cleaning demands, and even becoming lodged in the escalator’s comb teeth, triggering its safety shutdown alarm.

This meant that the airport’s maintenance team not only had to clean the carpets, but they also had to clean the trail of debris along the common walking areas within the terminal. The airport needed a heavy-duty safety mat that could effectively scrape, clean and dry passengers’ boots and wheeled luggage, and trap dirt between cleaning cycles.

The checklist

  • Easy for the maintenance team to clean

  • Long lasting and customisable

  • Stay in place under heavy foot traffic

  • Quick to install

The solution

We recommended our solid-backed entrance mat, Frontrunner SB+. The unique etched surface scrapes shoes clean while the carpet inserts absorb moisture, which stops debris and liquid from being tracked inside.

The Frontrunner SB+ has effectively helped to reduce slip and trip hazards in the terminal and decrease the frequency of cleaning intervals, thanks to its efficient scrape, clean and dry system.

Its customisable design fits seamlessly with Fort McMurray International Airport’s existing snow and salt floor grill, and the solid back helps the matting stay in place under heavy inbound passenger foot traffic. Plus, the durable matting is more economical than replacing carpet runners seasonally.

At a glance


Fort McMurray International Airport


Heavy-duty entrance matting that quickly scrapes, cleans and dries boots at the departure terminal entrance.


Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada


Product spotlight

Frontrunner SB+

SB+ was the right choice for Fort McMurray International Airport’s needs. It effectively traps dirt and stops it from getting tracked inside the building – and it’s easy to keep clean!

  • Durable and lightweight

  • Simply roll or lift to clean

  • Loose laid and customisable

Seamless integration

Comes in 10m (33") rolls or order a custom size

Simple installation

Simply roll out and cut to fit on site; contours to uneven surfaces

Easy to maintain

Light to handle; no special cleaning tools needed

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“Frontrunner SB+ is making a visible difference with cleanliness and passenger effort to reduce the burden of snow, sand, and salt being tracked from the exterior parking lots and sidewalks into the airport terminal at the departures level. The custodial staff and the airport maintenance staff report less issues with exterior contaminants making their way into the airport’s interior spaces and equipment.”
Adam Lo Bianco, Manager, Facility and Terminal Operations

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