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Frontrunner XT reduces noisy footsteps

After apartment residents complained about slippery surfaces and loud footsteps, the local housing association set out to find a slip-resistant solution that would also help contain noise.


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French Housing Association


High performance, durable matting that solves the dual problem of slipping and noisy echoes.


Northern France





The problem

One of the local housing associations in northern France started receiving complaints from residents about unsafe surfaces and excessive noise. The building in question was a busy apartment complex that comprised of four separate buildings all linked by walkways and common areas. Residents and visitors were slipping in the uncovered passageways, particularly in wet weather, and weren’t happy with noise created by echoing pedestrian foot traffic.

The checklist

  • Certified slip resistant
  • Reduce ongoing maintenance and labour costs
  • Withstand high levels of traffic, and be heel and wheel proof
  • Improve ambient acoustics and reduce echoing footsteps
  • Remain stable in all weather conditions

The solution

French flooring distributor Socofra Ubo recommended Frontrunner XT, our extra slip-resistant entrance matting, as the perfect solution for these dual problems. Specifically designed for high traffic external areas, like walkways and outdoor decking, it has a diamond tread pattern that delivers excellent slip resistance and traction underfoot.

A hallmark of this matting is superior drainage: the open-grid dissipates water quickly and easily, and the aggressive tread pattern ensures any dirt and debris is collected and trapped. Frontrunner XT's close mesh construction allows for easy access for wheelchairs and prams, while the two-layer PVC effectively dampens and absorbs noise.

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“Frontrunner XT has proved to be very effective and the Housing Association is really pleased. It gives residents a good slip resistant surface on which to walk and also helps combat the problems of noisy communal walkways and passageways.”
Estelle Coustenoble, Socofra Ubo
Plastex Frontrunner XT Black F1

Product spotlight

Frontrunner XT

Frontrunner XT is a heavy-duty entrance mat designed to combat substantial amounts of dirt and large debris.

Seamless integration: Choose from rolls in standard widths and 10m (33') lengths or order a custom size

Simple installation: One-piece construction means you can cut to fit on site, with no previous site visits needed

Easy to maintain: Simply roll or lift to clean, no special tools needed

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