Vinyl matting resistant to animal fat and oils


Developed primarily for the food processing and preparation industries, Herongripa is a specialised vinyl matting solution, which is resistant to animal fat and oils.

The matting provides a safe and warm matting for workers to stand on, whilst animal fat deposits will not adversely affect the surface.

Herongripa is made from a very hardwearing and long lasting vinyl in a widely spaced open grid format, which allows any waste or by-products to simply fall through the matting. This feature keeps standing areas free of potentially slippery and hazardous matter and contributes to the maintenance of a hygienic environment in food production areas.

The one piece hardwearing vinyl roll format allows for ease of rolling up during cleaning routines. Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal additives ensure continued hygienic performance.

Herongripa PVC Line drawing

Herongripa PVC roll

herongripa PVC line drawing

Plastex herongripa PVC roll

Standard colour:

herongripa pvc terracotta colour

Product Height mm (in) Length m (ft) Width cm (in)
Herongripa 15 (5/8") 5 (16'6") 60 (2') 91 (3') 122 (4')
10 (33') 60 (2') 91 (3') 122 (4')

Ancillaries Picture Description
Flexible PVC edging pvc edging 6cm 6cm x 10.1m (2 1/2" x 33').
2 rolls per pack + welding paste.
Colours: Dark Grey, Black, Dark Brown, Oxford Blue, Holly Black, Yellow.

Test Result for Slip Resistance and Fluid Drainage
Standard Result
DIN 51130 R11, V10
ASTM 1677 - Dry/Wet 0.6/0.6


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