Plastex | How to choose anti-fatigue standing mats for workplaces with wet or slippery areas

How to choose anti-fatigue standing mats for workplaces with wet or slippery areas

Do you have employees who stand for long periods in areas where liquids are present? You need wet area anti-fatigue mats underfoot that provide both anti-fatigue properties AND slip resistance.

Keep reading for our sales team’s tips on what to consider when choosing a mat.

It’s not just dry environments like service counters and reception desks where anti-fatigue standing mats can make a big difference.

All workplaces with wet or slippery areas – particularly those where people spend prolonged periods on their feet – should have anti-fatigue standing mats that provide not only anti-fatigue benefits but also deliver high performance slip resistance.

Garden centres, fishmongers, delis, supermarkets, florists, bars, nightclubs, commercial kitchens, and bottling and packing centres all have a duty to their employees to protect them from injury and fatigue.

What does an anti-fatigue mat do?

Standing for long periods on hard surfaces is fatiguing, with common effects including tiredness, discomfort, and soreness in the feet, legs, hips and knees.

The right anti-fatigue standing mat will help boost your team’s concentration, decrease the risk of circulatory problems, improve productivity, and reduce the risk of injury.

We asked our sales team for the top five questions to ask when choosing anti-fatigue standing mats for workplaces with wet areas and here’s what they said:

1. Is the mat suitable for wet areas?

If you’re looking for an anti-fatigue standing mat for wet areas, you’ll need a high level of slip resistance.

Look for a mat with an aggressive tread surface for extra grip underfoot and an open grid for excellent drainage. This winning combination will improve safety and help to remove spillages and debris from the working area before they can cause harm.

2. Is it quick and simple to install?

Busy workplaces and plants can’t afford to close for contractors to fit flooring solutions, so it’s vital to find anti-fatigue standing mats that installers can quickly roll out and fit without any downtime in production or expensive late night callout fees.

Your anti-fatigue standing mats should be constructed from a durable, flexible material that can be installed without any site visits or special tools.

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3. How long will the anti-fatigue mat last?

Durability is key in demanding environments with lots of foot and wheeled traffic, such as garden centres and nurseries. And while the level of matting maintenance can impact longevity, durability stems from the mat’s construction.

Look for wet area anti-fatigue mats made from solid PVC with resistance to chemicals, oils and acids – and don’t forget to ask your supplier about their warranty.

4. Can you add edging to the mat?

Workplaces must provide accessibility for both visitors and staff, and edging is crucial for wheelchair access.

Opt for a custom anti-fatigue mat with edging to provide a smoother transition between the mat and floor. This edging will also help workplaces and factories that use sack trucks and trolleys to transport large amounts of goods from one place to another.

5. Is it easy to handle and roll up for quick cleaning?

Workplace’s need anti-fatigue solutions that fit within their current cleaning schedule and budgets.

When choosing anti-fatigue standing mats, make sure your cleaning and maintenance team can easily roll them away, and simply lift them for cleaning with a high pressure hose. This will make cleaning and maintenance a breeze for anyone in your team.

Our anti-fatigue mats deliver safety solutions in all wet areas

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